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Mobile Banking
MobeeBank - A complete Mobile Banking, mCommerce and Agency Banking solution empowering your customers with access to financial and non-financial services through mobile phones using SMS, USSD, STK, JAVA, WAP and IVR, leveraging on a single multi-channel platform.
Mobile Wallet
MobeeWallet - A complete 'Virtual Wallet' solution which can hold a stored-value account, multiple bank accounts, credit cards and personal profile information electronically and enable mobile based financial transactions, replacing both paper money & plastic cards.
Mobile Governance
MobeeGov - Enables the delivery of public services to all the residents in the country, especially in the rural areas by utilizing the reach of mobile phones. Services may include Weather news, provident fund alerts, passport & road tax renewals, health, educational & income tax services, etc.
Enterprise Support
We provide comprehensive technical support (L1,L2 and premium) for all our products as per SLA which includes new releases, bug fixes, ongoing maintenance and product enhancements.
Secured Hosting
We provide enterprise class hosting services for our products so that Clients can start their services to end customers immediately and enjoy the high performance and availability right from day one.
Integrated platform
We provide an end-to-end platform for our customers so as to reduce the complexities of maintenance/integration with 3rd party or external systems and most importantly to accelerate time-to-market.