Retail Credit

Convenient banking for retailers.

A digital banking platform that allows retailers get the required loans for buying consumer products at bulk. Merchants/Retailers can now apply for a loan and get it credited to respective accounts in a matter of time! We help you onboard different retailers seamlessly within few seconds and we provide the platform for your merchants, bank and retailers to keep connected simultaneously aiding in disbursement of loans efficiently and with wider flexibility.

Multi Channel Onboarding and Account Opening

We provide you with seamless integration with OCR for quick onboarding and the total process initiating from applying for a loan to receiving the loan control via a digitized framework.

Real time transaction posting

All lendings, returns and payments are posted in real time eliminating the possibility of the accounts going over the limit and keeping your customers satisfied.

End to End Processing

Mobile based origination solution with self service capability with enhanced algorithmic model based on transactional data. Electronic review, signing of all documents online, that can seamlessly interact with their respective merchants for system records, database, credit bureaus and other portals.

Multi Tenancy

Now you can handle muliple merchants on a single platform. Retailers might need different validation across fields for the loan processing system however you can connect to different portals and bureaus providing you the mandatory and optional isolations between your bank and merchants with a multi-tenant data model for referential and transactional data.

Flexible Business Rules

Manufacturers can now change the loan amount, the tenure period, repayment options and other agreements on the go with bounteous flexible options availability from the phone remotely without physically present in the bank. They can also check and opt for loans based on the agreement your bank and the merchants administer. We bring you a platform focussing on customer satisfaction where you can analyze disparate systems, security and data compliance processes, business process and possible leakage points resulting in faster decisions, consistency, accuracy and lower operation costs.

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