Bill Payment Engine

Best processing system.

Get the tools you need with a flexible single-payment platform to help your bank streamline all of your payment processes into one central hub for considerable cost savings, better quality of service and greater functional efficiency. Our payment engine gives real-time access to status information to your merchants for management and reporting. It has modular structure, allowing your merchants/retailers to choose specific solutions to cater to their specific requirements and complements any existing core banking system at the bank. This payment processor has comprehensive integration capability to receive orders from all participants.

Awesome Features

  • Payment Order Management
  • Enrichment and Validation
  • Various Input Channels
  • Stable and Highly Secure
  • Responsive and Multilingual
  • Fraud/Risk Management
  • Cost Management
  • Walk-in Payments

Payment Order Management

Payment engine allows your merchants/vendors to view all payments information during all processing phases and to manage payment orders and payment items manually. They can prioritize all their urgent payment transactions, payment data, recall payment orders.

Enrichment and validation

Based on checks for accuracy, consistency and errors, payment engine validates and enriches payment orders with defined information. Data enrichment is based on standard settlement instructions to support routing of international payments.

Various Input Channels

Payment transaction data can be delivered via various channels in various formats in various mediums. These input channels deliver payment orders to payment engine in both file mode and online mode(messages) over the payment order interface.

Stable and Highly Secure

Protect your customers’(merchants/vendors) card data, while meeting the industry’s latest security standards. Various advanced measures and compliances to secure networks, applications, accounts, transmission channels etc.Real time reporting of all transactions and refunds for both merchant and sub-merchant accounts with access to your own self-service management portal.

Responsive and Multilingual

Enabling transaction in a wide variety of languages from popular international to regional and local languages with customizations in preferred language and is compatible with all smartphones, PC and Tablet devices.

Fraud/Risk Management

Pre-screening of each and every transaction with advanced algorithms and parameters for legitimate transactions making it more flexible and seamless as never before.

Cost Management

Maximise speed and uptime with consolidated multiple payment channels.

Walk-in Payments

Speeds clearing while reducing processing costs and improving availability with end to end transaction processing. Now your customers can rely on remote payments and deposits through a single client application.

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