Next generation financial administration.

An online solution allowing Joint, Group account holders to manage their group activities like record keeping and banking transactions, while maintaining transparency and accessibility among all group members. Group transactions such as withdrawals, funds transfers and deposits that are performed on the chama’s bank accounts through a single window dashboard is accessible to all the members. This solution allows for accountability of deposits and withdrawals, request for loans as well as empowering officials of the Chama to approve loans through the mobile platform.

The members of the group can do transactions from the Chama account as well as borrow money from the account when needed. The recipient can repay by transferring to the joint account. The adding and removing of chama members, approval of new members, checking mini statements, enquiring account balances, transfer to chama and approval of loans can be done by the chama officials.
Out of all the people in the group who are in need of money, depending on how urgent the cause is for him/her for this money. The person who bids for lowest amount gets the loan.

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