Credit Score & Loans

Advanced Credit Score Solution.

The ever-changing business dynamics has presented a challenge for businesses to process loan applications quickly on a consistent basis, it is becoming imperative for businesses to implement solutions that enhances and provides consistency to the entire loan life-cycle management. Manam’s Loan and credit scoring system offer loan origination systems customized according to business requirements and client requirements with primary focus on faster deployment and digitization of entire loan originating modules that fit the needs of your customers and various lenders providing efficiency in lending operations thus strengthening customer and member relationships. Automated underwriting, electronic document transmission, automated uploading to loan servicing systems are some of the services which help you enable multiple type of loans across multiple channels with speed and seamless efficiency.

Awesome Features

  • Customizable Tables and Parameters
  • Real Time Application Ststus Enquiry
  • Semaless Reporting
  • Expeditious generation of letters and forms
  • Interface with external system
  • Credit Scoring
  • Instant Processing
  • Devise Features

Customizable Tables and Parameters

Flexible set of user-definable tables and parameters with frequently changed variables centrally kept in common tables which can be modified by authorized users, providing control and security protection.

Real Time Application Status Enquiry

With sophisticated search criteria interface, your customers can access information on which work step where the application is pending at hte moment with work history associated with each applicaton. For example, from when an application first enters the workflow till processing completes.

Seamless Reporting

Includes MIS reports, loan progress reports, drawdown reports, workflow statistics reports and more. Your customers can create reports with our data export function to meet their own unique requirements. We also work with third party report writer tools to provide end-user definable reporting.

Expeditious generation of letters and forms

Automated generation of letters and forms upon completion of entire workflow process, resembling loan approved or rejected, Integrated application data with pre-defined letter templates to generate and print without human intercession.

Interface with external system

With various external systems such as credit checking, fraud analysis and drawdown processes amidst optimum security for personal information and identity theft.

Credit Scoring

We provide you advanced and secured technology that can easily integrate to external and internal data sources and credit bureaus, organisations for Unlimited access to CIBIL score and report in real time based on the aggregated data as often as your customer needs with pre-approved customised loan offers every time they check their score. Protection from the stress of identity theft by tracking critical changes in report and simple online dispute facility to help your customers rectify errors in their report and build credit over time.

Instant Processing

No more waiting in for weeks or visiting bank branch physically to get your loans approved.We offer quick turnarounds on your customer applications and they would be approved for an instant credit card in less than 24 hours and be all set up to start making payments and transactions.

Devise Features

Paper documents can be scanned into the system once they are received. Electronic images are available and can be shared with all your customers immediately. All processing includes verification, review and approval which is done with the electronic images side by side on screen. No more delay in paper folder routine in application processing.

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