Internet Banking

Fast and Flexible Banking

Internet plays a significant role in our day-to-day life and is often at the centre of how we do things in today’s digital world. With our Internet Banking channel you can provide your customers 24-hour online banking services backed by our several years of experience in building robust financial systems and equipping our systems with financial grade security. Your customers can choose to utilize a wide variety of services such as account information, card information, bill payments, funds transfer and so on.

Awesome Features

  • Account Information
  • Ease of transfer Funds
  • Quick Instructions and Requests
  • Painless Payments
  • Bulk Payments
  • Customizable Dashboard

Account Information

The Internet banking solution offers easy access to various account information to your customers including knowing the account balance with other account related queries and status, keeping track of all your transactions with view history availability making it easier and more flexible. Your customers can download account statements with a few clicks, check and manage cheque status or can even block it remotely from a smartphone/tablet.

Ease of transfer funds to bank accounts within country or overseas

Our Internet Banking solution allows your customers to transfer money between accounts much more quickly. It is more convenient than using the automated phone service, and can save you a trip to the bank. We also offer customers to do Banking from anywhere in the world and also provide the customers the facility for international remittance.

Quick Instructions and Requests

  • Request for a new cheque book.
  • Stop a payment made via cheque.
  • Fixed and recurring deposit opening/renewal.
  • Set up standing instructions for transferring fixed amount automatically at specific intervals.
  • Report loss of card and block a card.

Painless Payments

Pay for utility bill payments and school fees with an ease of use, your customers can pay for electricity bill, telephone bill, gas bills, school fees, government fees or any other form of recurring payments. The bill payments can also be scheduled to be paid at a particular day and time of a month, there by offering even more convenience to your customers.

Bulk Payments

Our Internet Banking Solution offers direct crediting using our Bulk payments product, which is suitable for business customers seeking to process multiple EFT payments at any one time. The most common uses for direct crediting are:

  • Payment of salaries
  • Payments to creditors
  • Payment of share dividends

Customizable Dashboard

Our Internet banking solution comes with a highly flexible user interface where your customers can find out all account related information at one place and access the services with ease. Customers can arrange the service options visible to them on their dashboard and customize their Internet banking dashboard according to their preferences, keeping their most accessible services within the quickest accessible path.

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