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SpeechVox – Intelligent IVRs

Touch Tone (DTMF) based IVRs are now an aging technology and are being fast replaced by IVR’s with speech recognition capability. Manam Infotech presents SpeechVox, the next generation of speech recognition IVR with behavior recognition and artificial intelligence that improves the performance of the IVR automatically overtime. SpeechVox can work in your existing infrastructure supporting a wide array of telecom protocols such as E1, T1, SIP, Analog, and SS7.

Awesome Features

  • Behavior Recognition / Artificial Intelligence
  • Speech Recognition
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Outbound Support
  • Scalable
  • Detailed Insights/Advanced Reporting Engine
  • Easy to Design / Easy to Modify
  • Contact Centre Integration

Behavioral IVRs

People are tired of speaking to automated machines and often get frustrated when dealing with a traditional IVR, Behavioral IVRs are not just machines but machines with artificial intelligence which behave according to the callers speech, pitch, past preferences, historical data etc. All this giving the caller a feel that they are speaking to a human.

Speech Recognition

Touch tone (DTMF) based IVR’s are fast being replaced by IVR’s that support automatic speech recognition. Our SpeechVox product, supports natural language speech recognition that can understand the callers speech in a wide variety of languages resulting in shorter call durations, efficient customer service and satisfied customers.


SpeechVox supports a wide variety of international and regional languages. Callers can set their preferred language of the IVR that allows them to understand the IVR in their preferred language. SpeechVox is also able to understand your caller’s language in a wide array of languages.

Outbound Calling Support

SpeechVox is able to initiate thousands of outbound calls per second to cater for your organization’s outbound marketing or notifications strategy. Our outbound IVR enables the delivery of personalized customer experiences while effectively managing customer expectations. You can schedule outbound marketing or promotional calls and manage multiple such campaigns at the same time. Additionally, you can also use our outbound IVR’s for important notification or for verification purposes such as customer number verification.


SpeechVox is an extremely reliable and scalable IVR system. Each server can support up to thousands of channels (Simultaneous call support) per server and there is no limit for the number of servers that could be installed together. This can increase the system capacity to upto tens of thousands of channels, which makes SpeechVox scalable enough to meet your business needs, while also being helpful for your organization to manage multiple inbound and outbound IVR on a single IVR platform.

Detailed Insights

SpeechVox provides a state of the art advanced reporting engine. See how your IVR performs with easy‑to‑understand, highly visual reports including pre‑prepared reports on commonly used KPIs, caller behavior trends and more and customize reports quickly to better adapt to changing business needs.

Easy to Design and Modify

SpeechVox provides an intuitive call flow designer using which your customers can easily create complex call flows and voice applications visually. Promotional messages can be inserted at point in the call flow on the go or creating a call flow route based on certain parameters such as type of caller, day and time of the call is extremely easy.

Contact Centre Integration

Create great customer experience by utilizing SpeechVox that is able to integrate with your existing contact centre and CRM software. An IVR that is well integrated with your contact center can help you provide a great customer experience, generate new revenue through cross-selling and up-selling, increase customer loyalty with outbound campaigns and gets your sales and marketing lead team in sync.

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