Loyalty Solution

What your customers love the most.

Its really not that complicated, it does however requires empathy and effort on your part. A customer friendly loyalty program which is a transperant, easy to understand program with relevant redemption options is a key component for your business to improve customer loyalty and in turn sales and profits. Customer loyalty encourages consumers to shop more consistently, spend a greater share of wallet, and feel positive about a shopping experience, helping attract consumers to familiar brands in the face of a competitive environment. You will be expected to provide 24/7/365 program availability and we at MANAM help you achieve that.

Awesome Features

  • Full Customer Insight
  • Easy Member Self Service
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Flexible Program Management
  • Advanced Administration and Reporting
  • The Point System (Spend more and Get more)
  • The Tier System
  • The Coalition Program
  • Gamify your loyalty Program
  • Hybrid Loyalty Program

Full Customer Insight

Full management of customer data and behavioral information with detailed transaction history and social media data capture. Consumers can merge accounts with multiple ID support for comprehensive support of customer enrollment ensuring seamless customer experience.

Easy Member Self Service

Real time access to profile data, points balance and transaction details. Consumers can set up their personal contact preferences: channels and promotion types with opt-in/out to geo-located offers and shopping quests. They can get access to personal program statistics and progress bars of loyalty programs activity. Interactive surveys are also available via multiple channels with extra points/bonuses for their completion.


Now you can run multiple loyalty programs on a single loyalty platform with different propositions for regions. Common and separate program configuration with cost effective solutions and lower system support costs.

Flexible Program Management

Consumers can now manually adjust their dashboard according to their preference with multi-currency option availability aiding points transfer to other accounts and creation of different types of points. Consumers will also have the benefits of reinstating of their expired points.

Advanced Administration and Reporting

Real time processing of all transactions, products, stores and management alongside alarms and notifications of reports availability. Automatic mechanism of user and member fraud prevention and detection. Quick access to audit info on every level of system operation with multi-language interface. Now you can also constantly monitor members’ activity on dashboards for day-to-day operators.

The Point System (Spend more and Get more)

Every time your customers make a payment/transfer/transaction, they get a certain amount of redeemable points for the monetary engagements and sometimes for non-monetary as well. An easy way for your customers to understand and calculate transactional rewards, making it simple!

The Tier System

This is based on levels of loyalty where the more loyal your customers( apps used to make purchases and other activities) are to your bank, the greater rewards they receive. They can also nominate other members for elite tiers.

The Coalition Program

With loyalty programs becoming popular, your customers are looking for flexibility in rewards. By partnering with third parties, you can create loyalty programs that not only gives more opportunities to customers but also lets you build new business relationships.

Gamify your loyalty Program

By turning your loyalty programs into a game, you can increase customer loyalty, brand and entertain your customers all at once. For example, be the person in the family plan who used the least amount of data this month or if the loyalty program enables to collect loyalty points through different activities then who was the highest contributor amongst a family plan? Isn’t it fun?

Hybrid Loyalty Program

Now you can merge two different systems such as tier based system and game program, where your customers reach new levels of loyalty every time they complete payment/transaction/purchase/transfer.

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