MasterPass Integration

Simple and Secure

A single, secure account for all your customer credentials including credit/debit card details , EMV credentials as well as shipping details stored making shopping easy, convenient and secure as never before providing cardholders with services free of charge to help detect and resolve identity theft. We at MANAM, provide you the technology to integrate masterpass and other solutions with the core banking system and protect your customer information with advanced security system.

Awesome Features

  • Responsive Mobile Interface
  • Multi Payment Method
  • Fraud Management System
  • Multi-language Option
  • Built-in Analytics
  • Multi-Currency
  • Optimized and Customizable Checkout
  • Advanced Security System
  • No More Waiting

Responsive Mobile Interface

Reduce payment hops and consistently deliver your brand experience with same checkout experience on any device with our mobile-optimised payment page.

Multi Payment Method

Process all your customer credit and debit cards including other transactions on a single integration.

Fraud Management System

Monitor incoming payments and detect fraudulent transactions to keep your business safe.

Multi-language Option

Allow your customers to easily complete transactions in the native language they are most familiar with.

Built-in Analytics

Access to user behaviour data and app performance with our monitoring analytics service. Gain valuable insights across platforms and payment options for future ready performance.


Deliver localised buying experience and let your customers enjoy the convenience of buying in the currency they know best.

Optimized and Customizable Checkout

High-security payment page with customisable fields, so that your customers only see the relevant ones. Your customer’s preferred shipping and payment details is pre-filled, so they can quickly checkout with just the User ID and password. The simplicity of the payment process will increase conversion rates.

Advanced Security System

Double security protection system, through multi-level security mechanism globally with modification functionality at any time and provide customisation to suit your specific needs.

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