Merchant Management

Reliable and flexible managed service for merchants.

Your merchants/vendors often do face complex regulatory environment, as well as need for new solutions, new consumer demands and constant barrage of data. Empower your business with powerful, easy to use automated channel management that enables your merchants to quickly sell their products around the globe. We provide a merchant, services suite that helps them acquire, engage and protect customers as they conduct anywhere, anytime commerce. You can choose from a complete range of POS hardware and virtual payment solutions we provide. - You can ensure a positive customer experience with a full range of payment processing and acceptance options, including front-end authorization, mobile payments and e commerce gateway for secure payments.

Quick and seamless Onboarding

Sign-up is straightforward, fast and funneled through a step-by-step process. Most accounts can be configured within a few minutes or so.

Product Ingestion

Your merchants can integrate their inventory with comprehensive listing tools or through third party integrations.

Order Management

All orders are trackable and actionable at merchant level. Order exports and third party integrations meld seamlessly with existing processes.

Merchant Dashboard

Sales performance, reviews and inventory processing statistics are available in an intuitive and customizable dashboard which can be set according to their viewing preference.

Customer Management

Your merchants can directly communicate with their customers. Reply-by-emails allows intuitive integration with existing CRM systems. With gift card solutions, prepaid card options, loyalty programmes and merchant- branded debit cards, you can enhance customer retention strategy.

Accept all Payments

All payment solutions including EMV solutions.

Promotional Management

Your merchants and your business can create, manage and distribute coupons and deals with ease.

Easy and Flexible Integration

Seamlessly integrate the application with your with your application/website to accept payments online or in stores using our payment gateway with innovative and enhanced tools that complements and help nurture key customers.

Advanced Security

Safely and securely manage transactions and ensure compliance with advanced encryption and tokenization. Focussing on serving cutomers with back- office check conversion, collections, risk management and print and mail services.

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