Government Services through technology

A sub domain of e-Governance which provides fast and easy access to public services to all the residents of the country through mobile devices. Single predesignated numbers shall be used for mobile based services to ensure convenience helping in expanding the scope of e-Governance in the areas like e-Democracy, e-Participation, e-Voting and many other forms of communication between your customers and Government. All public services including utility bills, Government school fees, passport application and more can be done from home remotely from a smartphone or tablet. It is cost saving, proficient, convenient and flexible .

Broader Engagement

Mobile channels provide increased opportunities for governments to collaborate citizens anywhere, anytime and update them with information regardless of their location.

Higher Transparency

Mobile technology has revamped the customer-centric service. m-Governance has empowered citizens to communicate with governments directly and avail multiple services at times without marking their physical presence. Additionally, citizens can check results and impact of government strategies through the open data available to them via mobile seva platforms. Tracking the use of open data help governments in identifying the priorities of the citizens and committees they serve.

Reduced Operational Costs

Government can reach out to a larger population with less expenditure on IT infrastructure, physical documents and larger resource deployment and also the empowerment of field workers and cross agency interactions.

Lower Costs

With consolidated infrastructure and resources, business employees have to make fewer trips to government offices saving transport costs and ensuring better use of productive time providing government services online.

More Information Access

Customers can get all relevant information in the most structured way right at their fingertips improving customer service and making your place a better place to live and do business.

Simple Procedures

Consumers get to complete all formalities faster and more smoothly. They can avail any government services anywhere, anytime quickly and can spend more time on productive working.

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