Mobile Banking

Banking made easier on mobile.

Mobile banking allows customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using any phone or tablet. The transactions through mobile banking includes obtaining account balances, list of latest transactions, fund transfers, eStatements, electronic bill payments. The payments are through innovative methods leveraging on a single multi-channel platform

Awesome Features

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Intuitive designs
  • Supports Multilingual
  • Security
  • Intuitive designs
  • Exciting features
  • Bill Payments
  • Payments and Transfers
  • Scale and Power
  • Exciting features

Customer Acquisition

Involves in attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. We adopt new customer-centric approach for on-boarding that involves in information capture, identification, verification and fulfilment for various products and make the account opening seamless and instant. We do Customer segmentation based on the customer behaviour & analytics and offer personalised products. We enhance and enrich each interaction of the customer and this results in long-term loyalty.

Intuitive designs

We have expert UX Designers and behaviour analysts to be part of our app designs who understand the basics of dimensions and observing behaviour of end-users in the context of their engagement, as well as translating those insights into an Experience Design and art work that captures their hearts and minds.

Supports Multilingual

All our Channels are Multilingual, Multi-Account, Multi Currency, Multi-Interaction enabled. Customers can choose their preferred language any time and link all their accounts and cards and manage via single window. We support basic phones to advanced smart phones, from basic SMS and USSD to Apps


We deliver strong security across all channels that we provide. Our Mobile banking services rely on high-security mechanisms to protect your privacy and financial information from end-to-end. Transactions are processed behind our firewalls, 256-bit encryption is used throughout and user identity is verified through multiple factors. We Believe that elevated Customer trust and confidence builds brand and loyalty.

Payments and Transfers

We give financial transactions the speed and flexibility. Customers can pay with their choice of technology without compromising on the security. QR Pay, Tap to Pay, Smile to pay, Voice to Pay are some of the choices in trend today.

Bill Payments

Provide convenience to your customer to pay all their bills. They will never miss a bill or due date as we provide reminders and notifications. Customers can even save all their weekly, monthly and yearly bills and pay all of them with their concern or to pay automatically.

Exciting features

Let your customer enjoy their personal time. No need to stop by the bank and stand in queue. Customer can access their accounts and all the basic and unique features on their mobile. We believe we have superset of services banks can offer. Cardless withdrawals, Cheque Deposits, Budget planning, Loan calculators, ATM/Branch locations to name a-few. Customers can even take pictures of front and back of the cheque and deposit through mobile. Simple and convenient isn’t it?

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