mVisa Integration

Simple and Secure

An interoperable mobile payment solution that adds robust and scalable payment functionality to accounts from participating banks/clients. The mobile payment solution allows your customers pay for goods and services by QR scanning and the payment goes straight from customer’s bank account into the merchant’s account and provides real time notification to both the parties. Seamless multiple payment channels make payments and transactions easy and convenient as never before.

Awesome Features

  • Integration and Interface
  • Storage of Payment Information
  • Seamless Checkout
  • Security
  • Multi currency Gateway
  • Anytime, anyplace
  • Interoperability
  • Ease of use

Integration and Interface

Our product is designed for flawless integration. All our SDKs and APIs are developer friendly in their construction and implementation, they can be swiftly and harmoniously incorporated into your existing system.

Storage Payment Information

Using the encrypted technique, keep the payment details secured so that your customers do not have to enter the details again and again.

Seamless Checkout

Offer your customers a seamless checkout by controlling the entire UX. We develop simple scripts and APIs so that PCI-DSS compliance is comfortably handled.

Multi currency Gateway

We support multi currencies when you want your customers to be billed in their own currency.

Anytime, anyplace

Static QR codes enable your merchants and service providers to offer their goods and services even in remote locations, and receive direct payment via the customer's smartphone scanning option.


Your customers can send payment via his account, or via money he has deposited into his mVisa account, to a merchant who has an account with a different provider. Interoperability has been found to be a crucial requirement in successfully moving towards a cashless economy.

Ease of use

With its simple scan approach, mVisa is easy to use from the consumer side, but even more importantly, simple to implement from the merchant side. It enables them to safely and simply receive mobile payments. Your customers also enjoy the option of paying bills remotely, via scanning codes on the bills.

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