Omni Channel

Multi Channel banking platform

A multiple channel sales approach that provides your customers with an integrated banking experience and brings about a high level of integration among them. A strategy allowing anytime, anywhere, any device access with a consolidated view of real time inventory across all channels and allowing your customers to interact with banks via multiple channels.With omnichannel, you need no added infrastructure with cost efficient solutions and more support to your customers online. You can not only fulfil customer’s explicit needs, but also anticipate their likes and wants.

Awesome Features

  • Optimal Customer Experience
  • Site Security
  • VTMs
  • Mobile Banking
  • Social Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • POS
  • Digital Branches
  • IVR

Optimal Customer Experience

New age customer demands continuous brand exprience, making it imperative for banks to rethink strategies. We adopt a holistic approach to creating a seamless brand experience by focussing across diverse channels for your customers based on their online and in-store shopping habits, utility bills, booking tickets ensuring an easy and convenient customer experience.

Site Security

Robust technical and organisational security controls ensure that your customer details and transactions remain reliable, compliant and secure without adding extra infrastructure.


Virtual teller machines allow your customers directly to use a secure method of communication to access their bank accounts, make cash withdrawals,check their account balances, PIN change, mini statement and much more. It enhances user satisfaction allowing your customers to deposit cash via ATM/debit card, transfer money between bank accounts, opening accounts( Non-passbook with debit card), top up mobile phones prepaid accounts with reduced errors and with quality service. Cardless cash transactions for your customers from ATM via bank's Internet and mobile Banking channel will result in increased productivity

Mobile Banking

Improve customer acquisition strategy through personalized experiences via a smartphone/tablet that makes it easy for your customers to enroll and engage with you. Multiple factor authentication and managing all your customer wealth in a single platform with features like quick and easy online applications for loans, instant transactions, automatic credit scoring, signing documents online, paying utility bills, buying tickets all with a few taps from your phone!

Social Banking

Banking activities which are conducted through social networking channels focuses to satisfy the needs in the real economy and the society. The advantage of reaching your targeted audience for little or no cash investment is substantial and the audience wanting the information voluntarily joins or follows the bank. Your customers can create events and choose friends/family to split the amount with. Everyone can see how much they owe and to whom. They can settle up and get on with the fun things in life. Peer to peer money exchange between friends and family through social media platforms is as easy as never before.

Internet Banking

A payment system enabling your customers and financial institutions conduct a range of transactions through internet.With a multilevel authentication system and remote support with chat, available anytime, anywhere – your customers can pay multiple beneficiaries simultaneously and other bulk payments quickly. Our approach with customizable dashboards, multi-lingual options, quick notifications for new schemes, loans and personalized security payments makes it easy for your customers to manage all their expenses, bills, tickets and other banking services with wider flexibility and hassle free transactions.


A technological instrument provided to an establishment to carry out the sale of goods or services to customers in a cashless environment . Improve your customer service with quicker transactions with POS retail software which makes it easier to keep track of your customer personal information, staff payroll and customer billing and shipping, vendor listings and inventory management. Deploy cost efficient m POS with out any hassles in your region at a much faster rate than any other solution. We provide you the required guidance and assistance on developing your m POS solution.

Digital Branches

Building bank branches with end-to-end digital experience for your customers will take customer care to a whole new dimension/level. Branches with humanoid robots that answers/addresses basic queries of customers on banking products and services will be one of its kind initiative by a bank in your country. The tools and devices include customer on-board application which facilitates instant opening of savings account by your customers themselves by using IRIS/fingerprint authentication, printing of debit cards, cheque books by themselves. Internet/mobile banking registration, generation of e-passheet all by your customers themselves.App based token and queue management system to facilitate paperless appointments and digital challans to facilitate filling them up digitally by your customers at their convenience for services like cash deposit, fund transfer and cheque clearing. Digital feedback system and interactive touchscreen based banking will enable your customers to provide feedback on the services availed by them and understand banking products like loans, mutual fund, insurances and can also apply them online.


SpeechVox, the next generation of speech recognition IVR with behavior recognition and artificial intelligence which improves the performance of the IVR automatically overtime. SpeechVox can work in your existing infrastructure supporting a wide array of telecom protocols such as E1, T1, SIP, Analog, and SS7. An IVR with easy‑to‑understand, highly visual reports including pre‑integrated reports on commonly used KPIs, caller behaviour trends like fewer calls and reduced call times with customized reports quickly to better adapt to changing business needs and more. Understanding your customer journey like never before with full graphical reporting in near real-time giving your customers a seamless experience..

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