Privacy Policy

Welcome to Manam Infotech. We’re excited you are here. In order for us to help you serve best , we ask that you carefully review and abide by the following Terms of Service. Here at Manam Infotech, we like long terms and conditions. This document, together with our Privacy Policy, sets out the rules which cover our relation with you, also explains our responsibilities and yours and how you can use our services. The terms set out your agreement with us in relation to the use of our website, apps and services, they do not create any relationship or agreement between you and any other person including affiliates and third party service providers. When using our services, you must not do any of the following things. If you do, we may refuse to provide services to you temporarily or permanently.

  • To modify, adapt, decipher, disassemble or reverse engineer any of the software comprised in or in making up a part of our website or services provided by our website.
  • To scrape, reproduce or duplicate any element comprised in our website, including any software comprised in it, the content or the services provided through it.
  • To use any technology or processes for any kind of access, acquire, copy, monitor or navigate our website or any portion of it.
  • You must not allow another person or any third party service providers to use our website or apps in any way that is not authorised by us or is detrimental to us.