Bulk SMS Gateway

The complete SMS solution

In today’s modern world, customers are increasingly expecting businesses to communicate with them regarding important products and services update that the existing customers are consuming or potential customers may consume. Manam Bulk SMS Gateway is a robust, intelligent and scalable platform that equips your business to manage its SMS based communication with a multitude of customers in an efficient and quick manner with the support of our ultra- reliable and highly available infrastructure.

Awesome Features

  • Bulk / Campaign SMS
  • Files as Attachments
  • Track SMS Campaign
  • Full – Featured API’s
  • Excel to SMS
  • State of the art gateway
  • Smart content handling
  • Email to SMS and SMS to Email

Bulk / Campaign SMS

Using our platform you can send SMS to a group by maintaining predefined recipients lists or creating them on the fly. You can also send SMS in multiple languages and schedule them for a future delivery on a particular date and time.

Files as Attachments

Attach any kind of files with a SMS; the files are automatically uploaded to our servers, generating a web link, which in turn is automatically inserted in the SMS.

Track SMS Campaign

Using our state of the art, feature rich reporting engine, you can view detailed metrical information about your SMS campaign. The reports can be viewed in a wide variety of formats such as PDF, Excel, MS Word in real time or can also be scheduled to be delivered to your customer emails on the basis of your configuration such as daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or a particular date time.

Email to SMS and SMS to Email

Send SMS directly from your native email application at no additional cost. It is as simple as sending an email to a recipient which is then automatically sent as a SMS. Additionally, you can also receive incoming SMS directly on your email address.

Full – Featured API’s

Integrate your application with our platform using our developer friendly API’s and start sending SMS’s within minutes. Scale without worrying about underlying SMS technologies, we handle it all seamlessly behind the scenes for you.

State of the art gateway

  • ~ Support for both pull and push.
  • ~ Support for Transmitter, Receiver and Transceiver modes.
  • ~ Support for both Synchronous and Asynchronous modes
  • ~ Alerts when a Gateway Connectivity is down, Automatic Reconnect when it is up.
  • ~ Standard High Availability and Load Balancing Features and Automatic fail over.

Excel to SMS

Send Bulk SMS directly from your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using our Excel plugin. The Excel sheet contains your message to be sent and a list of recipients in a predefined format. The plugin automatically picks up the number and the message to be sent and then schedules them for delivery.

Smart content handling

Our intelligent content handler ensures that without any additional effort from your side, you can send rich SMS with photos and videos, intelligent character recognition for Unicode characters and automatically filter messages to remove credit card numbers or any form of profanity.

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