Your Community – Your Banking

Social messaging apps are turning into new digital ecosystems supporting new types of communication and consumption patterns as well as financial scenarios. Rapid adoption of social networking has revolutionized customer expectations of how they would like to interact with each other and their banks as well. Banks have started leveraging the power of social network as customers move towards digital platforms for convenience and connectivity. With social media banking, banks can derive value from a higher market share of tech-savvy customer segments that is also cost effective.
We at Manam Infotech realized this powerful trend emerging and in response to the same, we developed Social Media Banking solution to help your bank cater to such an audience.

Awesome Features

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Security
  • P2P transactions
  • Donations
  • Buy/Book Tickets
  • Split and Share
  • Social Fundraising

Customer Acquisition

Social media banking can be helpful in attracting new customers and retaining existing customers by increasing customer loyalty, engaging with your customers via interactive campaigns, positive messaging and targeted marketing campaigns.


Sophisticated cybercriminals and savvy fraudsters are preying on the proliferation and vulnerability of the connected digital devices and channels. Secure access and fraud prevention are our top priorities for your financial institutions striving to better serve consumer and corporate customers. In order to provide your customers a peaceful banking free from any kind of frauds and security lapses, we follow the international best practices and security guidelines to harden our systems.

P2P transactions

With our Peer-to-Peer / Person-to-Person transaction feature, your customers can transfer funds to their peers and friends using our comprehensively integrated social media apps for popular social media platforms. The Gen-Y and millennial user segments are increasingly reliant on P2P transactions to split restaurant bills, house rents and so on. The/This feature can be useful for the bank in order to attract new customers.


‘Donation’ is not easy as it sounds. Say NO to searching for details about a charity. With our Social media-banking channel powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), we provide the charities list based on the customer’s location and social media activities.

Buy/Book Tickets

With our social media app, your customers can book movie tickets without using any additional third party services, what’s even more better that the amount can be split between the movie goers with a single tap, which is super convenient for your customers.

Split and Share

With our Social Media banking channel we provide ‘Split and Share’ feature. It allows a group of friends/colleagues to split a bill and pay at a restaurant.

Social Fundraising

Social fundraising isn't new. People have been raising money through events, contests, and marathons way before this type of online giving was fully established. But with the power of social media and the increasing ease of online giving, social fundraising has seen explosive growth over the last few years. In response to the same we provide ‘Social fund raising’ feature with our Social media-banking channel.

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