Unified Banking

One app for all

A Single mobile application to access all your bank accounts where your customers can pay securely by selecting any linked account and also set the default account for receiving money allowing them to pay directly from a bank account to any other bank account or to different merchants, both online and offline. The payment system allows your customers to send and receive money from a mobile phone using a Virtual Payment Address without entering additional bank details, resulting in zero waiting time for your customer payments and transactions with 24/7 availability and no restriction of bank holidays or odd hours. The solution can be deployed as a private/public cloud service.

Awesome Features

  • Invoice / Collect Payment Request
  • Send money to mobile/account/virtual address
  • Bill payments
  • See your Weekly, monthly, annual wealth
  • Locations - nearest ATM, Bank branches.
  • Multi-lingual
  • Person-to-person Transfers
  • Notifications
  • Scan & Pay
  • Manage Account
  • Virtual Payment Address
  • QR Code
  • Balance Enquiry

Virtual Payment Address/ Alias

Customer can create a Virtual Payment Address (VPA) / Alias and map to any of their bank account to send and receive money securely. The VPA acts as financial address and customers don’t need to remember beneficiary account number, IFSC codes for sending or receiving money. It provides more flexibility and is secure as your customers only share a virtual address and provide no other sensitive information.

Solidly Secure/ Safe, Secure and Protected

We deliver strong security across all channels that we provide. Our Unified banking services rely on high-security mechanisms to protect customers privacy and financial information from end-to-end. Transactions are processed behind our firewalls, 256-bit encryption is used throughout and customer identity is verified through multi-factor authentication. We believe that elevated customer trust and confidence builds brand and loyalty.

Pay using QR Code / Scan to Pay

Simply scan and pay with a single tap, no need to key in the payee details and amount manually, resulting in a quick and error free payment and transfers. Payments using the application are already fast but scan & pay makes it even faster and easier. This improves the speed of performing a transaction and your customer can also generate and share QR codes using the application to allow others to make payments.

Instant Transfer

Now your customers can securely send money directly from bank account to any mobile number or any other bank account with a convenient and hassle free one touch pay on the go method to send money by using a virtual payment address which acts as an identifier. [using beneficiary’s VPA (virtual payment address) or mobile number], so your customers don’t need to remember long account numbers or bank and branch details.

Bill Payments

Pay all your bills with a single tap - App allows to check and pay all the bills or selected bills. Your customers will never miss a bill or due dates as we provide reminders and notifications. Your customers can even save all their weekly, monthly and yearly bills and pay all of them with their concern or to pay automatically on their scheduled time. App maintains the transaction history, so your customers do not have to re-enter information every time. Payer and Receiver will get notified once the transaction is done. - Online payment eliminates any kind of hassles and ensures that bill payment is extremely easy. - .Provide convenience to your customer to pay all their bills


Locate and view the distance from your current location to the nearest branch, ATM, agents, merchants and see opening hours and contact numbers of the branches and agents and customizable Search options for locations using the pin/post/zip code or address.

One App Many Accounts

Your customers can add multiple bank accounts and set any account as Primary account and view weekly, monthly and annual wealth with breakdown of earnings and expenditure, and also request to see all account balance in Summary section. Get real time balance update for all bank accounts anytime, anywhere!

Multi-lingual - An App that speaks your language.

- This app supports a wide variety of languages from popular international to local/ regional languages and your customers can set their preferred language at any time.

Stay Updated with Notifications / Get Notified

Customer will get app notification or SMS alerts for all the transfers, payments, invoice request and reminders and the app also will provide either a (indent) notification or SMS alert when you pay to someone’s VPA/ mobile/ account or do any type of transaction.

Invoice Request / Collect Payment Request

Customers can generate invoice request to payer and receive invoice request from payee where they will get notifications or SMS alert if the invoice request received, get approved or declined. A feature helpful for those who often receive payments and your customers can raise payment requests to contacts who are registered with the app.

Add Multiple Cards

Add and manage multiple types of cards to digital wallet such as your credit card, debit card, loyalty cards.

Tap and Pay / NFC Payments

Our Digital Wallet provides NFC for easy payments that are quick and convenient where your customer will also be able to pay his friends and family easily by bumping your devices together or electronically transferring funds.

Online Shopping

If you regularly buy online, it may be a good idea to use a Digital Wallet that is accepted at your favorite online retailers. Your customers can avoid entering your credit card details every time you make a purchase on the Internet and you can save your items in favorites for future purchase.

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