Mobile Wallet

Pay digitally with Wallet

Mobile Wallet is an electronic card, which enables transactions online through a computer or a smartphone. Mobile wallet will provide a better experience for your customers, as well as help you organize your finances. Make quick purchases from mobile apps without entering your card information every time. The Mobile wallet can hold rewards cards, credit cards and debit cards, whilst offering more convenience and security than a traditional wallet as it is widely accepted by retailers all around the world. The Mobile wallet provides a convenient solution for any business looking to allow customers to purchase their products online.

Awesome Features

  • Add Money/Load Money
  • Saved Cards
  • Add Other Wallets
  • NFC
  • Bill Payments
  • Pay to Merchant
  • Split Expenses
  • Make in-store purchases
  • Offers, Discount & Rewards
  • Book Tickets
  • Send to Acc/Wallet
  • Wallet QR Code
  • ATM Withdrawls

Get Offers, Discount & Rewards

Get great offers, discounts and schemes directly from top brands and also your neighborhood stores and your customer will be able to link rewards program with Digital Wallet, so it will give real time reporting of the number of points accrued over loyalty programs. If customer is a member of multiple rewards programs, he can link all his cards to Digital Wallet.


Keep a record of all debit and credit information of the Wallet with access to transaction history in flash. No need to preserve bills or remember old transactions. Orders - Keep a record of all the frequent transactions, so repeat payments are just a tap and go!

Scan & Pay

Pay conveniently and easily using Scan QR code to pay from wallet. Faster than cash payments at all your neighborhood stores. Your customers can generate and share QR code in the mobile app.

Add Money

Customer can load money onto their virtual wallet from account/ Net Banking /debit card/ saved cards or from other wallets and can use this money in wallet for making online transactions (mobile recharge, DTH recharge, utility bills, send/receive money).

Robust Security

It lets your customers make electronic payments with your credit card or digital cash and hides the actual credit/debit card information that is used to make the payment with authentication for purchases through encryption and digital certificates to secure the payment processes from the consumer to the merchant

Protecting your personal information

Our highest priority is to enable secure transactions between your customers and merchants. To this end, we uses the following security measures.

  • We encrypt payment transactions with industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology.
  • Bank account details and credit card information are stored in a single location on secure secure servers. In addition, these details are only accessed when needed to complete transactions.

Pay To Acc/Mobile, P2P transfers

Our Mobile Wallet Transfer service is an easy, fast and convenient way to transfer money from wallet to any bank account and can transfer money to any mobile number registered with our wallet app, anytime! Your customers can set the wallet to notify him/her of low balance alerts.
P2P transfers - Mobile Wallet stores money in Wallet account rather than transferring it directly to customer banking account. Therefore, customer can add money to this account for easier spending or keep money customer have received from other Wallet transactions on hand for later use.

Pay to Merchants

Both customer and merchant are protected with the encryption software and merchants are also reassured of the linkage to a bank account. Although a wallet is free for your customers, merchants pay a commission for every successful purchase directed through a Wallet.

Bill Payments

Provide convenience to your customer to pay all their bills. They will never miss a bill or due date as we provide reminders and notifications. Customers can even save all their weekly, monthly and yearly bills and pay all of them with their concern or to pay automatically on their schedule time. Both payer and receiver will get notified once the transaction is done. Our Mobile Wallet maintains the transaction history, so your customers do not have to re-enter information every time. The app also allows to check and pay all the bills or selected bills.

Book Tickets/ More than Wallet

  • - Booking Flight/ Bus/ Train/ Movie tickets and event tickets will be easier with our Digital Wallet.
  • - More and more people are now adapting to Digital wallets for its convenience and security.
  • - If customer shops online regularly , it may be a good idea to use a Digital Wallet that is accepted at all online retailers.
  • - Customer can avoid entering credit card details every time he make a purchase thru the app and can save items in favorites for future purchase.

Add Multiple Cards

Add and manage multiple types of cards to digital wallet such as your credit card, debit card, loyalty cards.

Tap and Pay / NFC Payments

Our Digital Wallet provides NFC for easy payments that are quick and convenient where your customer will also be able to pay his friends and family easily by bumping your devices together or electronically transferring funds.

Online Shopping

If you regularly buy online, it may be a good idea to use a Digital Wallet that is accepted at your favorite online retailers. Your customers can avoid entering your credit card details every time you make a purchase on the Internet and you can save your items in favorites for future purchase.

Multi-lingual - An App that speaks your language.

Our Mobile Wallet supports a wide variety of languages from popular international to local and regional languages with customizations where your customers can set preferred language at any time and use the services.

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